バークシャー・ハサウェイの株主総会より、ここからしばらくは平坦に感じられる話題が続きます。しかし、ウォーレン・バフェットがこのような話を続けている理由を想像してみると、彼が現在抱いている心境が浮き彫りになってくるように思えます。 前回分の投稿はこちらです。(日本語は拙訳)

<ウォーレン・バフェット> しかし1929年に始まって、先ほど何がどうなったかお話ししたように、ダウ平均が380まで戻ってきた1954年までは、試練の時がつづきました。実のところ、人々にはあきらめが交じり、アメリカの可能性を見失っていました。よくよく考えてみれば初めのころと変わらずに、アメリカの発展を止めるものはなにもなかったのですが、ときに中断していたのかもしれません。



(Warren Buffett 52:16)

But you'd had this testing period between 1929 and well really certainly 1954, as indicated by what happened when it got back up to 380, you had this testing period, and people really they'd lost faith to some degree, they just didn't see the potential of what America could do. We found that nothing can stop America when you get right down to it, and it's been true all along, it may have been interrupted.

(Warren Buffett 53:04)

One of the scariest of scenarios, when you had a war with one group of States fighting another group of States, and it may have been tested again in the great depression, and it may be tested now to some degree, but in the end the answer is never bet against America, and that in my view is as true today as it was in 1789, and even was true during the civil war, and the depths of the depression.

(Warren Buffett 53:44)

Now, I'm now about to say something that, and don't change the slide yet, but I'm now about to say something that some of you will be tempted to argue with me about, but I would make the case that we are imperfect in a great, great, great many ways, but I would say, and if you pull up the next slide, that we are now a better country as well as an incredibly more wealthy country than we were in 1789. We're far, far, far from what we should be, will be, but we have gone dramatically in the right direction.

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