おなじみの『Poor Charlie's Almanack』ではチャーリー・マンガーの前半生が記されており、短い大学時代に接した物理学の話題にも触れています。短いですが、チャーリーらしさが凝縮されている一節をご紹介します。(日本語は拙訳)


In 1941, as the war raged across the Atlantic, Charlie graduated from Central High School and left Omaha for the University of Michigan. There he chose mathematics as his major, drawn by the appeal of numerical logic and reason. He also discovered physics after enrolling in a basic course to fulfill an academic requirement for science. Charlie was fascinated by the power of physics and its boundless reach. In particular, he was impressed by the process followed by physicists, such as Albert Einstein, to address the unknown. Physics-like problem solving was to become a passion for Charlie and is a skill he considers helpful in framing the problems of life. He has often stated that anyone who wants to be successful should study physics because its concepts and formulas so beautifully demonstrate the powers of sound theory.

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