<質問4> 他人のアイデアを参考にして利益をあげたことはありますか。

<バフェット> 自分のアイデアでやるのが好みです。まずまずの金額で売買されている優れた企業がいいですね。シケモク銘柄に投資して利益をあげることはできます。投資金額が小さければうまくいきますし、以前はもっと効果的でした。けれども、シケモクから事業を築くことはできません(参考記事)。アナリストの分析は読みません。いろんなアイデアが差し出されますが、外部からのアイデアを求めてはいません。自分の得意な領域にとどまっていますから。つまり、魅力的な優れたアイデアにあまり注目が集まっていない様子がたびたび見られても、バークシャーの運用資産[原文はAUM; Assets Under Management]にとって潜在的な投資先とは、かなり狭い世界にとどまることを意味しています。たとえば韓国市場について最近調べたところ、おもしろい機会をいくつか見つけました。



Question#4: Have you ever made money on someone else's ideas?

My preference is for my own ideas. I prefer to find good companies trading at fair prices. You can make money on cigarette butt investing but this works better with small amounts of money and was more effective years ago. You can't build businesses out of cigar butts. I don't read analyst reports and, although I get served up many ideas I don't seek outside ideas. I stay within my circle of competence. Berkshire's AUM means the universe of potential investments is smaller even though good, attractively priced ideas are often poorly covered. For instance, recently I did screening of the Korean market and found a few interesting opportunities.

I used a 1950s (1951) Moody's manual by sector. There was some good stuff in the back on page 1433.Western Insurance was a company that I looked at. It had an EPS of $29 and the high price was $13. Nobody showed me this. So I checked it out with insurance brokers and it checked out OK so I bought into the company.

All in all, I prefer to read "raw" financial reports and talk to industry representatives.

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