<質問8> ソーシャル・メディアが発展したり、情報が常に入ってくるようになったせいで、学生は腰を落ち着けて考えたり、あなたが過去にやっていたような考えをまとめる力を失いつつあると思います。小説よりもちょっとした情報を好むのが現代です。こういった件を問題だとお考えですか。またこれまで経歴を積まれてきた中で、深い独自の考えをめぐらすことで生まれる影響とはどんなものだったのでしょうか。

<バフェット> 考えることに多くの時間を割けるようになったのも、わたしたちが成功できた上で良かった点です。バークシャーでは会議はないですし、委員会もありません。腰を落ち着けて読み物をする以上に知的な方法はないと考えています。実のところ、わたしとチャーリーはそればかりしているのです。



Question #8: With the rise of social media and constant information it seems students are losing the ability to sit down, think, and formulate their own thoughts like you have in the past. We prefer short bits of information to novels. Can you talk about whether you view this as a problem and the impact that deep and independent thought has had on your career?

Answer #8: A good part of our success is that we spend a lot of time thinking. At Berkshire, we don't have any meetings or committees, and I can think of no better way to become more intelligent than sit down and read. In fact, that's what Charlie and I mostly do.

The teaching of efficient markets produces a disadvantage for students and a big advantage for those who read and try to find value. It personally give me an edge when other people are not paying attention to reading and thinking, and are instead on their phones. It means that I gain knowledge from reading a few 10-K's while others are tweeting what they had for breakfast.

I've seen a lot of change in my lifetime, especially among how people spend their time.

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