<質問7> 現在の企業統治の状況をどのようにみなしていますか。アクティビスト[物言う投資家]の存在は株主に価値をもたらすのでしょうか。

<バフェット> もしわたしが資産運用者になりたてで、資金を募ることだけを考えていたら、自分はアクティビストだと公言すると思います。すごく流行っていますからね。ですがアクティビスト投資家の数が増えるにつれて、行動を起こす先の企業をみつけるのがむずかしくなります。その一方で、企業における経営陣の自浄作用は失敗しつづけてきました。



Question #7: How would you characterize the state of corporate governance today? Do activist investors bring value to shareholders?

Answer #7: If I were solely interested in attracting money as a new money manager, I would call myself activist investor as they are very popular now. As the numbers of activist investors grow, these managers are having more and more trouble finding companies to be active in. On the other hand, the self-cleansing method of management in companies has continuously failed.

One problem with activist investors is that they are sometimes only looking for a "pop" in the stock, so I personally do not like the short term horizon of some activists and would only back a small handful of activist investors.

The activist phase has not reached its peak yet and will be with us until activist funds stop making money. Wall Street pushes great ideas until they are silly. It is important to remember the limitations of ideas and once there are too many activist investors there will be problems.

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