<質問> ゆたかに暮らせるだけのお金ができてからは、個人としてはどれだけの投資リスクを負いましたか。

<マンガー> マンガー家の資金は、ほとんどがバークシャー・ハサウェイかコストコか、アジアに投資するファンドに投じています。デイリー・ジャーナル社への投資は勘定に入れていません。アスタリスクで示す程度の割合ですから(笑)。資金をうまく扱えると考えている人は、別のやりかたで運用しようと考えるかもしれません。彼らにしてみれば、「マンガーは自分のしていることがわかっとらん、まったくもって考えられん、あれは我々のモデルには合わん」というわけです。しかし正しいのは私で、まちがいは彼らのほうだと思いますよ。


Q. How much investment risk did you take personally once you had made enough money to live well?

Munger: Most of the Munger money - I don't count the Daily Journal, it's just a little asterisk (laughter) - is in Berkshire Hathaway, Costco (ticker: COST), and an Asian fund. Now, you could go to the rest of finance, they think they know how to handle money, and they'd say it's totally unthinkable, Munger doesn't know what the hell he's doing. Doesn't fit our models. But I'm right and they're wrong.

If you're shrewd enough to choose well, three holdings - any one of which would support your family in perpetuity - is enough security. What difference does it make if somebody else in some year goes up 10% and you go down 5%, when you've got 1000 times more than you need anyway? The people who make these crazy decisions don't actually have envy: what they have is clients who will fire them if they don't get the same results as everybody else. That is a crazy system. Everybody gets on the same merry-go-round. I never had any interest. As I sit here, all my securities are making new highs every day. Am I doing it wrong?

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