極めつけの慎重派」として以前に取り上げたファンド・マネージャーのボブ・ロドリゲスが、FortuneのインタビューBob Rodriguez: The best advice I ever gotに応じていました。個人的には同氏の言行に注目しており、ファンドのWebサイトは度々訪れています。今回は若い頃に同氏が受けた助言についてです。(日本語は拙訳)



In the fall of 1974 I was in graduate school at USC taking a portfolio-management investment course. The financial markets were in difficulty, and I didn't understand how securities were being sold at such depressed levels. I had only recently discovered Security Analysis by Graham and Dodd when we had a guest lecturer come in named Charlie Munger, who went on about this idea of value investing. After the class was over, I walked up to Charlie and asked him if there was one thing that I could do that would make me a better investment professional. His answer was, 'Read history, read history, read history.' And so I became a good historian, reading both economic and financial history as well as general history.

What I learned is that people relate to the crises they have experienced. So when the crisis of 2008 came, it felt like an old friend to me because it had so many similarities to the banking crisis of 1907. Asking Charlie's advice and then reading history allowed me to put those things in context.



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