バフの世界において、逆張り思考とは廃れてしまった技芸である。群衆の狂気(安全余裕の重要性については言うまでもなく) に関する書籍が無視されて絶版となっている事実は、「長期的に見ると多数派が正しいことはありえない」ことを示唆している 。「非常に早い時期から動くこと」と「間違っていること」は、過ぎ行く時間の99%において、まったく同じようにみえる。バフが就いている職業では、「早く動くこと」は「クビ」を意味する。ともかく、資金全額を投資するのがバフの仕事なのだ。うまくいっていた銘柄から逸脱するのはむずかしい。また小型で流動性の乏しい銘柄を買っても、毎週集まる現金の山をろくに捌けないだろう。たぶんバフは胸中で、自分こそが本物の逆張り屋だと半分信じているのかもしれない。そして株価上昇の余地は大いに残っているだろう、とも。




Lost Art of Contrary Thinking

Lost in Buff's world is the art of contrary thinking. Ignored, out-of-print titles about the madness of crowds (not to mention the importance of a margin of safety) suggest that the majority cannot be right in the long run. Being very early and being wrong look exactly the same 99% of the time, and early in Buff's line of work means unemployed. Anyway, it is Buff's job to be fully invested. It's hard to deviate from what has been working; and buying smaller, less liquid names really wouldn't make a dent in the mountain of cash that comes in every week. Maybe Buff even halfheartedly believes it is he who is the real contrarian, and that the rally has a lot farther to go.

The investment world today is turned upside down; what is seen as risky is almost certainly much safer than what is viewed as rock solid. Not only that, but in the ultimate irony, Warren Buffett's and Buff T. Warren's portfolios look a fair bit alike. Some of Berkshire Hathaway's largest holdings, including international consumer stocks like Gillette and Coca-Cola, now trade at over 40 times earnings and are among the favorite stocks of growth managers like Buff.

The preface to Benjamin Graham's Security Analysis contains the quote from Horace's Ars Poetica : "Many shall be restored that now are fallen and many shall fall that are now in honor." It does not say when.

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