<質問2> ご自身としての「成功」とは、何を意味するものですか。それによって、ご経歴の歩みはどう変わりましたか。

<バフェット> 「成功とは、自分が望むものを得ること。幸せとは、自分が得られるものを望むこと」という言葉があります。わたしにとっては幸せのほうが大切です。わたしは、金銭面で他人に頼らず独立できることをずっと目標にしていました。つまり自分のために働くことであり、共に働く称賛すべき人たちの仕事を見つけることです。意思決定の流れを指揮する立場につきたいと考えていました。やっていくのに十分な資金ができたのが、25歳のときです。子供が2人いましたが、今日の価値でおよそ2億円強に相当する金額でした。それ以上は、わたしにとって余剰なものです。


Question 2# What is your personal definition of 'success'? How has it changed over the course of your career?

Answer#2: The saying goes that success is about getting what you want, while happiness is about wanting what you get. For myself happiness is more important. My goal was always financial independence; working for myself and finding a job where I admire the people I work with. I was interested in being in a position to control the decision making process. At age 25, I had enough money to live off of. I had two children and the equivalent of roughly $2M in today's money. Everything since then has been surplus.

As you move along in your career, you always want to consider your inner scorecard - how you feel about your own performance and success. You should worry more about how well you perform rather than how well the rest of the world perceives your performance. The success of Berkshire has always been more important than my own personal success in terms of financial returns. The most important takeaway is that you should always try to be a good person.

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