<質問> 最近のことですが、イーロン・マスク氏のインタビュー映像をYouTubeで観ました。「あなたと昼食を共にした」と彼は言っていました。そのときにあなたは、テスラが失敗するありとあらゆる種類の理由を彼に言ったそうですね(笑)。


<マンガー> 自動車業界は非常に厳しいところですよ。競合が激しく、最高のクルマを作ろうとどの会社も考えています。すでにどの企業も巨大で裕福となっています。だからテスラの商売はし烈だと考えるわけです。イーロン・マスクは天才です。あの仕事をやる人物がだれかと問われれば、たぶん彼こそがその人なのでしょう。



Q: I recently watched an Elon Musk interview on YouTube, in which he said he had lunch with you and you had given him all sorts of reasons why Tesla would fail.


Would you be kind enough to educate us why you thought Tesla would fail, and what BYD [ticker: BYDDF] can learn from this?

Mr. Munger: I think the auto business is very difficult, very competitive, and everybody is going to make wonderful cars. Everybody already has enormous size and wealth. So, I regarded it as a tough business. Elon Musk is a genius, and so if anybody has a chance to do it, he probably is the man.

But we have a saying at Berkshire that when a man with a reputation for genius takes on a business with a reputation for tough operating conditions, it's the reputation of the business that's likely to prevail. Without government help, getting electric cars off the ground is really hard. In China, it works a lot better than it does here, because their air is worse.

What Elon Musk really needs is for the whole country to have a disastrous smog attack that kills a lot of people. Short of something terrible like that, I think it's going to be difficult. He's a genius, but is going to have to be.


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