FPA Crescent Fund Quarterly Commentary 4th Quarter (January 22, 2014) [PDF]



we live in a windy world but we're in the habit of leaning into it. We tend to buy with the wind in our face, and sell with it at our backs. Right now, there's more of the latter so, as you'd expect, our equity exposure declined during 2013. The favorable market allowed us to sell sixteen long equity positions during the year, at an average gain of 64% from cost, with just one generating a loss. We initiated nine new positions. The byproduct of this - unfortunate if the market continues to rally - is that our net equity exposure declined to 51.8%, down from 61.3% a year ago. We will let valuation and risk/reward guide our exposure, not the stock market. If the market gives us tomorrow's prices today and the risk/reward becomes unattractive, then we are unsurprisingly net sellers.

Things aren't cheap. Equity values, as a percentage of GDP, are near their peaks. The only time they were higher was at the apex of the dot com bubble.


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