<クラーマン> みずからの投資プロセスをコントロールすることにおいて、そういった点は絶対的に重要です。ソシエテ・ジェネラル社のストラテジストであるジェームズ・モンティエ[現在はGMOに所属]は、少し前に書いた文章で次のように指摘していました。「北京オリンピックで競技が始まる直前に、どんなことを心に抱いていたか」、運動選手たちに対してそう質問したところ、返事はどれも同じように、選手がひたすら考えていたのは結果ではなくプロセスのほうだったとのことでした。プロセスに集中することが、最善の結果を達成する術だったのです。


Klarman: This point about controlling your process is absolutely crucial. James Montier, SocGen's market strategist, pointed out in a recent piece that when athletes were asked what went through their minds just before competing in the Beijing Olympics, the response again and again was that the competitor was focused on the process, not on the outcome. The way to maximize outcome is to concentrate on the process.

Montier points out that psychologists have long been aware of a phenomenon known as "outcome bias". This is the tendency to judge a decision differently based on its outcome. For example, if a doctor performs an operation and a patient survives, the decision is rated as significantly better than if the same operation fails and the patient dies. According to Montier, during periods of poor performance, the pressure builds to change your process. But so long as the process is sound, this would be exactly the wrong thing to do.

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