Charles Munger, Buffett's Right Hand, Donates $65 million to Theoretical Physics Institute (Forbes)

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「私の人生において、物理学は非常に有益なものでした。その論理や、それ自身が持つ能力ゆえにです」。つづけてマンガーはこう語った。「微積分とニュートンの法則が組み合わさることで何ができるのか、それによって自分に解決できるものは何か。それらをひとたび理解すれば、物事を正しく成就させる科学の持つ力に対して深く畏れ入ることでしょう。物理学は付随的な便益も生み出すのです。 物理の世界で『科学の威力』を実感できるほどには、他の領域で感じることはできないと思います」。(関連記事)

Berkshire Hathaway vice-chairman and billionaire Charles Munger is giving $65 million to support the growth of the theoretical physics department of University of California Santa Barbara. The donation, announced Friday, will help construct a visitor-housing building at the university's Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, where a professor won the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics earlier this month.

Munger's gift is the largest individual donation in the university's history.

"This residence is going to be hugely helpful to UCSB. This building will be about as good as it can get and offer as good an experience as a physicist can have - and I don't think you could have a better place on earth to do it," Munger said in the announcement. "Physicists gain enormously from knowing one another and talking to one another and trusting one another. That's been recognized for a great many decades, but for a long time it just wasn't feasible. Now we can get people together from all over the world and these people can cross-fertilize each other."

"Physics has enormously helped me in life - the logic and power of it," Munger said in the announcement. "Once you see what a combination of calculus and Newton's laws will do and the things you can work out, you get an awesome appreciation for the power of getting things in science right. It has collateral benefits for people. And I don't think you get a feeling for the power of science - not with the same strength - anywhere else than you do in physics."



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