<ウォーレン・バフェット> それは、ティノ・デ・アンジェリスという名の人間があらわれたときのことです[詐欺事件の首謀者]。たしかニュージャージー州のベイヨンだったと思いますが...









And when some guy named Tino De Angelis in, I think it was Bayonne, New Jersey -

In fact, I went to the annual meeting in 1964 of American Express after the scandal developed, and somebody asked if the auditor would step forward.

And the auditor from one of the big firms, which I won’t mention, came up to the microphone, and somebody said, “How much did we pay you last year?”

And the auditor gave his answer, and then the questioner said, “Well, how much extra would you have charged us to go over to Bayonne, which was ten miles away, and check whether there’s any oil in the tanks?” (Laughs)

So it - you know, here was something - a tiny little operation - some guy was calling him from a bar in Bayonne and telling him this phony stuff was going on, and they didn’t want to hear it. They shut their ears to it.

And then what emerged was one great company after this kind of, what they thought was a near-death experience. So it’s - we’re going to make mistakes.

I will guarantee you that we will get some unpleasant news at Berkshire. I don’t know what it’ll be, you know - the most important thing is we do something about it.

And there have been times when I procrastinated, and Charlie has been the one that jabs me into action. And so he’s performed a lot of services you don’t know about. (Laughter)

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