1学年分の卒業式ですので、これぐらいで十分かと思います。とある老人が熟考した諸々の話題が、みなさんのお役に立てば喜ばしいものです。そして最後に申し上げるのは、『天路歴程』[ジョン・バニヤンの著作]に登場するいにしえの「真理を求める勇者」が、他には取りようがなかった行動にちなむものです。「わが剣は、意のままに扱える者へ残すことにしよう」(聴衆拍手)。 (おわり)

The last idea that I want to give to you, as you go out into a profession that frequently puts a lot of procedure and some mumbo jumbo into what it does, is that complex bureaucratic procedure does not represent the highest form civilization can reach. One higher form is a seamless, non-bureaucratic web of deserved trust. Not much fancy procedure, just totally reliable people correctly trusting one another. That's the way an operating room works at the Mayo Clinic. If lawyers would there introduce a lot of lawyer-like process, more patients would die. So never forget, when you're a lawyer, that while you may have to sell procedure, you don't always have to buy. In your own life what you want to maximize is a seamless web of deserved trust. And if your proposed marriage contract has 47 pages, my suggestion is that you not enter. (Audience laughs.)

Well that's enough for one graduation. I hope these ruminations of an old man are useful to you. In the end, I'm speaking toward the only outcome feasible for old Valiant-for-Truth in Pilgrim's Progress: "My sword I leave to him who can wield it." (Audience applauds.)

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